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Petroleum solvent white spirit from the Rompetrol company, the best manufacturer of Europe petrochemicals

White spirit (C4-155/200): European quality for Ukrainian prices.

  • Delivery of white spirit by tanker truck
  • Delivery of white spirit in metal barrels
  • Delivery of white spirit in cubic containerse


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Petrols Solvent WHITE SPIRIT S4-155 / 200 (Stoddard) from Europe

The Rompetrol Group N.V. is a large European company, which produce the various oil products. The main area of interests of the company is the production and sale of oil products in Western and Eastern Europe. Oil solvent white spirit S4-155 / 200 produced by S.C. Rompetrol Rafinare S.A. is the undisputed leader among European consumers for many years.

LLC "ATOLL YEVKO" is an official representative of Rompetrol at the territory of Ukraine. The quality of the products we offer is the main priority of our activity. That is why we are working with companies such as Rompetrol. Petroleum solvents White spirit (S4-155 / 200) has all the necessary documentation of quality assurance of oil product.

LLC "ATOLL YEVKO" provides delivery service of petroleum products in Ukrainian cities for many years. Stoddard from the Rompetrol company is the best choice of the domestic and foreign oil products market. To buy white spirit S4-155 / 200 in Ukraine for low prices, you shold contact the manager by the phone numbers listed on the website.


To order a white spirit you have to contact the "ATOL YEVKO" manager by the phone, number of whitch is specified on the website, or you can leave an application at our website.

The manager should make sure of availability of white spirit and discuss with you the terms of delivery and product price.

After agreeing on the price of White spirit and its delivery date, the Manager will provide an invoice to your email. We also offer to sign a contract for the supply of our products on an ongoing basis.

Payment for white spirit and a delivery is carried out by bank wire transfer on the account of “ATOLL YEVKO” according to the invoice details.

Supply of oil solvent white spirit (C4-155/200) is possible in all areas of Ukraine. Also you can remove the solvent from our warehouses:

- Zoria village, Saratskiy district, Odessa region

- Borodyanka village, Borodyankiy district, Kyiv region


Лабораторный анализ гексана от Ромпетрол

Passport of White Spirit of Rompetrol

Delivery of the solvent white spirit (C4-155/200) is
carried out by road freight in three ways

Delivery of white spirit by tanker truck

Petrol solvent White spirit is flammable liquid, it is necessary to uphold safety standards while delivering. To supply the white spirit tanker trucks (24 tons) is used.

Delivery of white spirit in metal barrels

Petroleum solvent white spirit (C4-155/200) is sailed in quantities of 200 liters. To transport solvent in a minimal industrial quantity special metal barrels is used.

Delivery of white spirit in cubic containerse

For delivery of oil solvent White spirit in larger quantities we use IBC-containers. IBC-containers are quite popular in Europe for suppling of various petrochemical products of all classes of danger.

Supply of white spirit (nefras C4-155/200) in Ukraine

The supply of gasoline-solvent white spirit is possible in any point of Ukraine. The company LLC ATOLL YEVKO has all necessary documentation to permit the transport of white spirit on the roads of Ukraine and abroad. Thanks to a perfectly adjusted system of logistics, LLC ATOLL YEVKO has the ability to deliver stoddard in record time.

Storage base of oil products of the company:

- Zoria village, Saratskiy district, Odessa region.

- Borodyanka village, Borodyankiy district, Kyiv region

Petroleum solvent White spirit comes by road freight from the Odessa and Kiev regions. There is also the possibility of self-delivery of the products from the warehouses. We value all our customers and therefore try to minimize the cost of transporting petroleum product.

Currenty, the company “ATOLL EVKO” pays considerable attention to the formation of a dealer network in the field of wholesale and retail trade of petroleum solvent white spirit in Ukraine for further cooperation. If You are interested in our product to further its implementation, please contact our Manager by phone listed on the site.

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